I often get asked why we wanted to start the Personal Chef Institute (PCI) and the reasons are varied.

Initially, we saw a need in the marketplace. We had seen too many of our fellow personal chefs not succeed in their dreams, not because they did not have the passion but because they did not possess the foundational business skills needed to succeed. I knew that we could change that. My past in the business world in accounting, project/program management, and process improvement coupled with Norbert’s years of experience running engineering companies we were in a perfect position to help. The 5 years we have spent building our personal chef business has laid the ground work for an even deeper understanding of what personal chefs need to make their careers a success.

As the years have gone by I have grown to love this industry and the people in it. I do not just want individual personal chefs to succeed, I want the industry to succeed. I see the personal chef industry very much like the project management industry when I first started. People knew it was a good idea but people did it on the side, as a hobby or additional task to their “real” jobs. The Project Management Institute came along and through education and promotion, project management is now respected as a career in its own right.  I want PCI, in conjunction with the USPCA, to do for the Personal Chef Industry what PMI did for project management.

Along with the elevation of the industry, the additional goal is to provide education to the education institutes themselves so that students who would traditionally would be forced to choose between a restaurant career or leaving the food world completely. Currently most culinary education establishments are not recognizing Personal Chefs as a career path to be taught at their schools. We are working on reaching out to vocational schools who teach culinary skills as well as traditional culinary schools to get the word out about the Personal Chef industry.

A lot of thought has gone into what we teach here at PCI and we are excited to be building  a new future for you and for our industry.

Remember, the first step is the most important!



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