About Your Instructors

Lara Moritz, CPC & Norbert Klotz, CPC

Lara spent many years as an Accountant before transitioning to an IT Program Manager and Business Process executive in the Education Data Space

Several years ago Norbert and Lara were talking about what there was in life beyond working too many hours per week for someone else and being stressed all the time. After much discussion we decided to start My Chef Lara and a personal chef business was born! At the start of that career shift we had to decide if we were going to wing it, take an online course or take a in-person course.  Upon research we decided to attend what was then the Culinary Business Academy (CBA) which was a week long, hands on, immersive course in how to launch and run a Personal Chef business. It was the smartest thing we ever did. The intensive, in-person experience gave us the confidence and experience we needed to hit the ground running and we have been running ever since. Our business has grown by at least 20% every year and we are projecting our biggest year ever for 2017.

My Chef Lara has been featured in multiple publications and newspapers, has a monthly radio program, is a guest on frequent local radio shows and has been a presenter at the USPCA National Personal Chef Conference. To view some of these accomplishments please feel free to visit our blog. We have launched a delivery arm of our company as well as a Corporate and Wellness Program.

The CBA no longer exists but we started the Personal Chef Institute in its place to provide Personal Chefs the advantage we had when starting our business. Cooking is never the issue when it comes to Personal Chef Businesses. We all love to cook – that is why we are in this business.

We have created this course from our years of experience both in the corporate worlds as well as the Personal Chef world. Take that important first step and join us to learn everything you need to know to make your Personal Chef dream a success!

We are here to support you and launch you into your new career. Sign up today and take that important first step!